October 28, 2010

Counting down to Halloween…

martha stewart pumpkin owl

The spookiest night of the year is almost upon us…thank goodness we survived our ghost walk last night! {image via}

crow's nest photography

My preppy 80s attire for a costume party a few weeks ago…the closest thing to dressing up I’ve done…even Michael Jackson showed up for an impromptu Thriller performance!


My mantle is adorned with candy corn, spiders, bats, and ghouls… it’s actually not a mantle, but a sideboard…it works as a mantle in a pinch.


And tonight (after celebrating the belated birthday of a dear friend), I will hopefully be making these spooky cupcakes! {via}


We might just watch the southern beau’s favorite Halloween classic…Sleepy Hollow (the cartoon Disney version of course!).

What last minute shenanigans are you planning before this weekend?


  1. photo from the 80s party is courtesy


  2. Love those ghostly cupcakes. And your costume is adorable!!

  3. You looked so pretty as a preppy - love the headband!

  4. I am trying to keep up with my kid's social schedule this weekend. Daughter has two Halloween functions to attend the the son has a friend spending the night. I am tired already.

  5. We are hitting a couple Halloween events with the girls Friday and Saturday. have a Booootiful weekend!

  6. adorable costume! those cupcakes so delish, i hope yours turn out awesome! happy halloween!

  7. I really love those mason jars w/ the candy corn & tea lights - I will def. do this next year b/c I'd like to have a party for the little ones. xoxo

  8. I love love love the legend of Sleepy Hollow! I'm not sure if you saw my other comment, but you won our Mimi Boutique handbag giveaway. Could you please email us your mailing info? xoxo

  9. thanks for the kind words about my costume....i was really surprised that most of the folks at the party wore like punk 80s style.....i couldn't miss a chance to rock the pink and green! i never wear headbands, but after that i thought maybe i should try it!

  10. KATE! I couldn't rush over to your blog fast enough to say...I just saw a pumpkin that had what looked like decoupaged insects on it. NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to start saving up my images now to decoupage a pumpkin.

  11. Good morning from Tokyo! Let me first say I have really enjoyed your Halloween posts. Imaginative and inspiring, they've been a treat. You, by the by, look wonderful in your preppy 80's attire.

    A wonderful Halloweeen to you and yours...



  12. @Tiffany....That sounds amazing! Please promise that we'll still be blog bffs next year so I can see your handiwork! xoxo

    @Elizabeth....you're so sweet! Hope your family is great too!

  13. man, that beau is a lucky son of a bug if he gets to hug and squeeze on you!! We might be watching sleepy hollow a day late, but Halloween is a season, not a single day!! You look so beautiful in your 80's attire!! love, philly

  14. Hi there! Just discovered your blog and it is mighty delightful! :D

  15. I'm so obsessed with the pumpkin owl....I am keeping that idea for next year...too cute!! Loved Sleepy Hollow this past week, it's a classic! On to Thanksgiving....


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