October 25, 2010

Southern happenings: Appalachian Quilt Trail


It is no secret that this blog’s author loves the south. Otherwise it might be difficult to write about it (and brag on it) day after day. To me, the south is a wonderful place full of history, culture, tradition and plenty of soul. While in some parts of the world, being treated kindly feels like a privilege to be earned, here in the south we believe it is everyone’s right. Even if you’re a Gator fan. One very neat thing to see in Tennessee is the Appalachian Quilt Trail. A program to promote economic development and tourism within the state, the Trail consists of historically significant sites such as barns, rural mills and other locations having been decorated with square panels, hand-painted to look like quilts.


The trail is now 300 miles long and currently consists of 330 sites, although that number is still growing. Many of the sites coincide with other venues…such as corn mazes (seasonal), antique shops, and a winery. What a fun, almost scavenger hunt-like excursion this would be…driving through the country tracking down quilts! And unless you visit an adjoining attraction, the quilts are free for viewing every day of the year. I have only seen a few of the ones in my area, but I’d love to plan a trip to some more. It seems that you can plot out your trip by length, attractions, and whether you’d like to stay overnight.


Several other states besides Tennessee also have quilt trails. Have any of you visited a quilt trail?