About Blogger & Lifestyle Expert Kate Spears

Hi, I'm Kate. A Tennessee-born blogger who enjoys the simpler things in life. I grew up in the tiny town of Cookeville (there's only one Cookeville....seriously, no other town in America has the same moniker as my little home). Now I reside in Knoxville with my southern beau husband and our ragtag bunch of rescue dogs....the number varies depending on the day. 

You might find me anywhere from estate sales to junk stores...I'm a serial thrifter so I'll usually be the one with the tattered, well-loved copy of Gone with the Wind, digging through a box of tarnished silver that I can later polish for fun. 

You might spot me in the kitchen, adding finishing touches to a favorite family recipe. I come from faithful men, devoted women, hard workers and wickedly good cooks. My heritage is southern and my legacy is yet to be written.

In addition to spending time creating content for Southern Belle Simple, I also contribute to The Southern Coterie...a.k.a. The Southern C. It's a wonderful resource for entrepreneurs and creative types. Check it out! 

By day (and sometimes all hours of the night), I am a marketing consultant. I help brands, businesses, and nonprofit organizations expand their reach by using marketing strategies and original content to tell their unique stories so they resonate with a variety of audiences.

If you'd like to contact me, please email kate@southernbellesimple.com......I love hearing from y'all!