October 11, 2010

An extra helping of style: Sara Hicks Malone


Just when I think I’ve explored every square inch of blogland, I stumble upon something truly lovely that I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of before. In this case, the something is a someone…Sara Hicks Malone. She is the creative mind behind Sara’s Party Perfect, a fantastic spot for all sorts of wonderful inspiration. Sara is a graphic designer extraordinaire and resides here in the south, specifically Nashville! Her house was featured on design*sponge awhile back and somehow I missed that too! {see her punchy front door above}

sara's party perfect


Here’s a tablescape Sara created for an end of summer meal. Her brown table runner is simply butcher paper, but I love how it looks against the white background of the table. This is a perfect example of how we can take a few basic things and make something pretty and memorable. Even if you are just cooking for yourself…it makes me smile when I sit down to a meal with a real cloth napkin and lit candle.


How are you making today feel special?


  1. Perfect autumn greens and yellows - what a great table.
    Did you go to the Southern Festival of Books? (seeing the logo in your sidebar). I did, and it was so much fun!

  2. What a wonderful tablescape! You know, I consider it a day with my head fully on when I manage to set our table *before* the meals, and this picture certainly inspires me to work at that a bit harder. As to what I'll do to make today special, I'll spend it with both my children~which is a real treat as my daughter has trhe day off from school.

    My best to you this week!



  3. It amazes me how people can take the simplest things and make them look spectacular!

  4. So simple and perfect.

    I don't know why, but today had a special feel from the get-go. I don't think I 'did' anything to make it special. It's just so stinkin' perfect outside... special just because, I guess. : )

  5. What a seriously beautiful tablescape, but my favorite is that yellow door. Stunning, yet so simple.

  6. Those sunflowers are so bright and cheery, how could you not feel happy looking at them?

    Hope you've had a great Monday!

  7. I'm still cleaning and starting to make some head way! Woo. Maybe after I find the bottom of the table, I can start working on fun decorations like these. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks so much for dropping by Hf, K. and leaving always your witty comments. I enjoy dropping by and seeing you as well.


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