October 5, 2010

Get a little crafty a’ la John Derian


I love, Love, LOVE John Derian’s style. I visited his store on E. 2nd St. while I was in New York and it was seriously wall-to-wall inspiration. I didn’t purchase anything because I do not love his prices (Sorry JD, but $60 for a tiny ashtray?). The only “real” John Derian design I own is a melamine tray from his Target line.


John’s decoupage style really reminds me of things I’d see in folks’ collections while growing up in the south. I don’t know if it’s the whimsy they evoke or the way they are plain items made a little more special, but I’m really drawn to this type of object. 


My project in homage to John Derian:

DSC01613First, I found this clear glass plate at Pier1 for $4 (in the clearance section)

DSC01614Then I got this old book with lovely flower illustrations for 10 cents at a junk store

DSC01615This is the illustration I selected…Jack in the Pulpit


I carefully cut out the image of the flower and tore the page text until I liked how it looked. Then I cut a piece of wrapping paper that I had on hand to fit the size of the plate. Everything got stuck to the back of the plate with Mod Podge. Eventually I’ll probably spray the back of the paper with some type of acrylic clear coat


I’m pretty happy with how my first little project turned out. Of course now I’m thinking about all the other things I can decoupage! What do you think?