October 21, 2010

Halloween Moon Pie Magic


Ever the fan of easy projects, I got to work (along with the southern beau) the other night and whipped up some fun Halloween treats. I saw this in an old issue of Southern Living and couldn’t wait to try it. Gather up some Moon Pies (we used the mini version of this southern staple), icing (homemade or store-bought…you can guess which I used) and candy toppings. Now you are ready to assemble.

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First, decide how you want to decorate your Moon Pie. Since I found some cute gummy eyeballs, I wanted to make a few spooky faces. Use icing to attach the candy to your pies. Since the white icing made too stark of a contrast, we opted to tint ours orange. Besides the gummy eyes (which I found at Dollar General), we used Reese’s Pieces, candy corn, Lifesavers, and sour gummy tape (for the tongue and mouths). Our motley crew looks a bit rough in this picture, but in reality was quite cute.


For a couple of “pretty” ones, I covered one side of the Moon Pies with icing and then carefully stuck candy into it in an attempted flower pattern. The icing set up in the fridge for a few hours and this helped it hold the candy more securely.


These creations can easily go on a wooden skewer or popsicle stick (see below)for a fun decoration or party favor. The cellophane bags are from Dollar General and the twine I had on hand. I think I’ll probably make another batch of them closer to Halloween to give out as treats. And even though I thought they might taste funny what with all the mingling flavors, I had one today and it was delicious! I mean, it is a Moon Pie after all. We had a blast making these fun little treats…hope your family will too!