October 4, 2010

Spooky Scraps!

So I totally stole this adorable image from one of my blogging besties Angela over at Slaughterhouserules. She says she stole the idea from someone else, so the beat goes on. She took some scraps of wood and painted/distressed them to look like adorable, funky little punk’ns. I just love this! It reminds me of the time I found a perfectly triangle-shaped rock and painted it to look like a slice of pizza. Random, I know. My spooky decor is still coming together, but I did want to kick off the week with something Halloweenie.
I picked up this yummy-smelling candle at my local farmers’ market on Saturday. The vendor did a giveaway here awhile back and I like to patronize local folks whose items are handcrafted. If you’ve got some wonderful fall decor going on at your place, please leave a comment or a link to a post so we can all enjoy it as well! I love getting inspiration from all of you!


  1. Could you be any sweeter? Please move closer. Like now.


    P.S. As if I need more life altering events this week, I sent my first book proposal in to a literary agent. If you could just start praying for me now and not stop until you fall asleep tonight, that would be great. : )

  2. Those pumpkins are so incredibly cute! And, candy corn candles...hmmm...do they smell really sweet?

  3. Mixing real candy corn and peanuts is a popular snack around here come Halloween time. Love those square pumpkins!

  4. I'm not much for Halloween, but I do love fall. If we get out of the field soon, and we should, I hope to get the dinning room table out and put my mama's pumpkins out for display. I will definitely snap a pic and send it your way if it all comes together!

  5. I LOVE fall... and I want that candle. so there. such a cute idea. I found a pink glittery skull at target the other day and I want it... may have to make it.

  6. the candy corn candle is scented like vanilla....so really just a sweet smell. i can't wait to go home and burn it some more!

  7. I love those yummy smelling candle, gonna try this at home.


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