October 15, 2010

I’ll do the honors…Awards all around!

antique trophy country living
One thing that I really love about blogging is how supportive all the other bloggers are of each other. From leaving daily comments, re-posting on twitter and “liking” on Facebook, there is no shortage of community where we can build each other up! Awards are another great way to let a blogger know that you love what he/she does. While these might not be actual trophies or those fancy acrylic awards, a little virtual pat on the back does a body good! 

I understand that some folks would rather not participate, which is also fine. I just wanted to take today’s post and give out two awards (both created by moi) to some of the wonderful friends I’ve made along this journey. If you are looking for a bit more reading material, these are a great place to start!
home grown blogger award
The photo for this award was taken at my great-grandparents’ farm…they’ve passed away, but the legacy they left was a magnificent one!
In no particular order:
Farmchick at It’s a Small Town Life …this lady is such a talented photographer and her glimpses of daily life “through a fishbowl” make me long for simpler times and a town with less traffic. Her Thoughtless Thursday posts are works of art!
Lana at Walking the Off-Beaten Path…never short of farm adventures, Lana shares her exciting experiences with her Tall Guy, including visits to festivals, machinery mishaps and her unique perspective which will definitely make you smile.
Tyla at Tire Swings and Fireflies…we both call Tennessee home and I love it when we visit the same places, even if we haven’t managed to be at the same place at the same time yet! Plus she’s got a gorgeous new Halloween header and I do love Halloween!
Mary at Life in a Small Town…a sweet friend who always has a kind word. She shares her life including her handsome sons, Chubby Hubby (her words!) and all the fun they have living in a small southern town.
Now, for the next award…
weeping cherry award
Searcy at Old Southern Garden…if you’re looking for scenes and stories of a simpler more peaceful time, look no further! I know we throw the term southern belle around loosely, but from her writing style alone I’d be willing to wager that this blog’s writer truly personifies that phrase!
kLl at Little Southern…we not only share the same town, but we root for the same team as well! Perhaps I’m just living vicariously through the adventures of a sweet college gal having much fun!
Ashley at Miss Ashley in Mississippi…this lovely southern sweetheart has a great perspective and her posts include fun & useful info about fashion, food and more! She is a Fla Gator fan, but I’ll let that one slide!
The Southern Lady at The Southern Blossoms…I just recently found this wonderful blog whose author is living in Japan with her darling family…and she still manages to keep all her southern traditions at the same time! She shares lots of insight and plenty of great images of life abroad.
Tiffany at Holiday…another new find, this dear one might be my long lost bff! Our shared faves include fried okra, banana pudding, the velveteen rabbit, flea markets and old souls! Her blog is lovely and so is she.
Angela at Slaughterhouse Rules…sometimes crafty, sometimes cheeky, but always tons of fun with this amazing writer/blogger! I got hooked after watching a video of her hubby attempting to say “Arnold Palmer” and then she lovingly makes fun of him for the way he said it!
The Rules: Whatever you want to do! If you were given an award, feel free to pass it on. But don’t let it be something burdensome if you’d rather just bask in it for yourself! If anybody else would like to give these awards to a blog you consider deserving, give away!
Hope you all have a weekend full of adventures!