October 19, 2010

Funny Face


My mom participated in a seed swap this year and these squash were among her bounty. I love their color and shape and wanted to do something Halloween-y with them as part of my seasonal decor. I saw the ones below in an old Country Living magazine, but since I’d like to end up eating mine, I didn’t want to carve them up just yet.

squash carved

Carving pumpkins can be hard, and once they are carved, their shelf-life is pretty short. I decided to turn my squash into Jack o’ Lanterns a different way.


With a few scraps of paper from an old magazine, scissors and double-stick tape, I was able to give my squash lots of personality that I can easily remove when it’s time to cook them. I had the best time choosing the perfect shapes and colors for each feature. I love walking past them everyday because they make me laugh. I know you can also use paint to decorate punkins and the like, but this was super easy and doesn’t mar the skin. 

My blog bestie is busy making pumpkin pancakes and my culinary whiz college pal is making pumpkin bread…What delicious pumpkin (or squash!) creation are you thinking of crafting?