October 6, 2010

Tunes for Fall

104_0363 In 2007, I was invited to help chaperone a trip of recent high school graduates for 9 days in Europe. Never being one to miss a free trip, I quickly agreed. Our travel arrangements split us up into two parties, causing my group of hoodlums (which happened to include my younger brother) to be delayed. After spending an extra night in Nashville (where we started), then being rerouted through Toronto, we finally arrived in London for the first leg of our trip. Never in my life had I felt so responsible for the well-being of ten other people even if some of them happened to be 18. All I kept thinking was if I lose a child, his parents will never forgive me! Our touring company sent a guide to Heathrow to pick us up and escort us to meet the rest of our group who had already been in town for 1 day. I remember the guide who picked us up, a young hipstery British chap, but mostly I was so relieved that all my kids were still alive and with me that I spaced out for the duration of the bus ride.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when a video was playing on MTV. "See that guy? The lead singer?" my brother asked. "He was our first tour guide on the Europe trip. The one who picked us up at the airport in London." Apparently our first tour guide was a guy named Marcus Mumford whose band Mumford & Sons has really made something of a name for themselves. There really isn't any point to this story, except I love some of their songs. And it's pretty cool to have met the guy way back when.

{for every kiss your beauty trumped my doubt}

I’m such a sucker for brooding musicians. For some reason this type of music feels perfect for fall. I tend to find a couple of songs, get them stuck in my head and listen to them on repeat for days at a time. What song are you playing on repeat right now?