November 1, 2010

The Last Halloween Post of 2010….I promise!


All fun things, Halloween included, must come to an end and since we have now entered the danger zone known as Thanksgivingandchristmas, I am giving up the ghost of my spooky themed posts and moving on to the season at hand. Before I can do that, I have to mention a little package I received in the mail last week, my loot from a Halloween swap I participated in. My swap partner was Miss Jessica from Duck Duck Cow and she definitely chose items that were right up my alley! (Sadly, I goofed on packing and some of the things I sent her got broken…boo indeed. I’m making it up to her though!)


My package included lots of creepy treats such as delicious candy, a cookie-making kit, orange Halloween socks (which came in so handy last night to combat the chills), sparkly bats and a huge jar of peanuts (how did she know to choose something so perfect?!?!).


My favorite item was probably the skull picture frame – totally keeping that out all year long! Swaps are really fun if you haven’t participated in one…even if you don’t have a blog. Everybody loves getting something in the mail (if the sender packed it well and it didn’t break…Sorry Jessica!).


Even Leon the Magnificent found something in the package to his liking… {seriously, I do NOT dress my dog in costumes, but he looks so cute}


Finally, I created a little poll so I could get some reader feedback about blog content for the rest of the year. This is my first year blogging through the holidays and I don’t want to disappoint! Please take a second and answer the poll (you can select more than 1). If there’s something I left out that you wish to read on SBS, please leave a comment! Thank you dears!

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