November 2, 2010

Holiday Shopping Etsy-style!

etsy necklace{lovely necklace available here}

It seems like the last few craft fairs I’ve attended in my area weren’t crafty at all…they were basically lots of home party vendors selling their wares. That stuff is great too, but if I think I’m headed to a “craft fair,” I’m expecting crafts! I always try to buy things that folks have made. I feel that it’s important to invest in other peoples’ lives and buying their handcrafted wares is a great way to do that. I’ve already gotten much of my Christmas shopping finished, but as for what’s left, I’m trying to buy local handcrafted things. One great venue for this is Etsy. If you aren’t as keen on buying online, check out local craft fairs or Etsy groups in your area.


Here’s an event near where I live that will showcase many vendors’ goodies. November seems like the biggest time of year for events such as this, so scour your local paper and community calendars to find some near you! Whatever your style (or the style of those you are shopping for), it shouldn’t be too hard to find some little surprises for the ones on your list!