November 10, 2010

New Traditions for an Old Favorite


Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It’s the one I want to really celebrate and enjoy…and yet it somehow always gets swept up in the madness of Christmas. I want to add some extra little traditions to Thanksgiving this year, things that we can enjoy and look forward to again and again. What about giving your special somebodies a little Thanksgiving gift?


The artwork above is available from Bluebird Goods for $15 (Facebook fans get a discount too!). I’m thinking of ordering it as a possible hostess gift. Another fun way to enjoy the spirit of Thanksgiving is by sending out “I’m thankful for you” cards. They could be bought or some that you make yourself. Even an email if it was personalized…just to say thanks to someone who makes your life better.

 not too shabby candle votives

If you are a fan of SBS on Facebook, you might have heard me raving about these darling little votive candles that came in the mail the other day. I bought them with the intent to give them away, but I think I’ll have to place another order. The hand-poured soy votives are from Not Too Shabby, a lovely gift shop in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My favorite fragrance is “marine” and Lisa (the shop’s owner) sold me on it when she likened the scent to “the best smelling man you’ve ever smelled.” Coincidence that the southern beau was, in fact, a U.S. Marine? I think not.

I know this stuff might seem trivial, but how special does it feel when somebody shows up out of the blue with a little happy present for you? If nobody has ever done that for you, send me your address! Life is short and it doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day. I’m trying to get as much out of this season as possible…and looking forward to celebrating with you along the way!


  1. It is nice to get that unexpected gift, isn't it?!

  2. You know, I always loved Christmas the best, and I still love it and the time off to be with family. Unfortunately, I think it's just becoming way too commercialized anymore. And that kind of ruins it.

    Thanksgiving, at least for now, is still a relatively stress-free, commercial-free time. We eat, play games, eat some more. It's just all good.

  3. I like the way you are thinking! Mom is having Thanksgiving this year,, the first in a while because my brother likes to host it. I think she is secretly VERY happy to be doing all the fussing and cooking. I am going to find her a little something to say "Thanks!" for all the great memories we have made up to this moment in time!

  4. Thanksgiving IS my favorite holiday!!! All it requires is a grateful heart, friends, family and food! I make a point not to even think about Christmas or decorating for Christmas until I have fully celebrated Thanksgiving. Opening my heart and reflecting on all the blessings in my life over Thanksgiving helps get me in the right state of mind to celebrate Christmas too :)

  5. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. I refuse to bring any Christmast items into our home until Thanksgiving has enjoyed it's time of celebrations.

    I love giving sweet little gifts!


  6. what a great idea! i love thanksgiving, and i doubly love the idea of adding extra traditions to this fun holiday!

  7. My sister brought me an apple pie on Sunday...straight from her oven! It was a great surprise gift!
    I soooo love Thanksgiving!

  8. Great piece. I found a fabulous Thanksgiving hostess gift print that's even cheaper than the "Give Thanks" poster you mention and I think it might even be a bit more unique/thoughtful: it's an art print miniposter containing the full text of George Washington's original proclamation declaring Thanksgiving Day!

    Since getting one for this year I have discovered in my own family that most people aren't even aware of this or have read it, so I may offer more as take-home "keepsakes" since we're actually hosting it this year. (And for the first time... yes, I'm stressed out/nervous!)



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