November 29, 2010

Only in the south: Small town laughs

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving and that you were able to spend some time doing something you enjoy (eating!). I wanted to take a break from the traditional holiday content and share a story that I found hilarious. I'm not sure if this falls under the "only in the south" category or maybe just "only in a small town," but either way, it cracked me up.


I spent several days in my hometown for the long weekend and each time I return there, I am reminded of all the sweet and simple things that are afforded by small town living. On the flip-side, I am also reminded of how life in a fishbowl has its pitfalls too. Early Friday morning the phone rang at my parents' house and I heard my mom having this conversation. "Well, I'm not really sure what kind of cologne he wears....I think Polo?" Then a pause..."Oh so you want to know exactly? Ok, hang on. Let me go look in the bathroom closet." Footsteps down the hall. "Yes, it's Polo, Double Black. In a black bottle. Yes, Double Black. Oh, ok well you can tell her that."


The person on the other end of the phone was my aunt. Apparently, her good friend works at the dry cleaners where my dad has always taken his shirts to be cleaned. The friend said that his shirts smell so good when they get dropped off that she just had to know what kind of cologne he wore so she could buy some for her husband.

Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black [L]-1

I'm not sure what I find funnier about all of this. The fact that someone smells my dad's dirty shirts or the fact that she was curious enough to ask about it, but tasked my aunt with the job of inquiring. Maybe the thing we should be most concerned about is the fact that my dad is spraying so much cologne on his shirts. But only in a small town in the south would this scenario play out. I bought him the cologne for his birthday so I guess I should feel good that it is such a hit with the ladies. Who thinks I should contact Polo's advertising department and tell them I just found their new ad strategy?

Happy Monday!