November 8, 2010

a Vintage Southern Wedding

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I know I promised y’all awhile back that I had another sweet southern wedding to share and I’m sorry to keep you waiting. When one of my bffs, who is a much sought-after artist & wedding floral designer told me about this wedding, I couldn’t wait to see the pictures! I stalked obsessively checked the photographer’s blog every day until they were posted! She sweetly agreed to let me post some of the images here. Check out her site for more of her work (it’s all incredible!). All images courtesy Red Letter Days Photography.

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Kelly, the photographer, is actually the bride’s cousin and the wedding was held outdoors on her property. Much work went into building a dance floor, hanging lights, and constructing a doorway for the couple to walk through. It sounds like the planning of this event was such a fun time, running around to antique stores and rounding up things to use as props. Each little vignette is so sweet and really shows the personality of the bride (and groom!).

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My friend Mitchell White did the flowers, a mixture of southern favorites and just picked wildflowers. I love that he used those purple irises…our state flower.

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This is such a neat idea with the old tins as floral containers. Who says you have to use crystal vases or that everything must be uniform?! This style of wedding really lends itself to “anything goes” and I love how they incorporated lots of unique items in a beautiful way.

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I could look at pictures like these all day. As an unmarried gal, I’m always looking for inspiration and collecting ideas for my own wedding (not that there are any plans in the works…a girl can still dream!). Wishing this happy couple the best of luck! And to all my lovely readers, hope Monday has been kind to you.


  1. Wow. I love every single thing about this wedding!

  2. I don't know what i'm more in love with, the Bride's necklace, all the flowers, or the table. Al of them are gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoying your tweets as well!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Kate! It was a great wedding. Kellie and Jordan did all the work. I just had to make a few arrangements!

  4. I carried those beautiful purple irises in my wedding bouquet! i have always loved them, and their color popped mingled in with the white roses and daisies. I will have to find a picture of my bouquet and post it so you can see! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. I LOVE the personality this couple put into their special day!

  5. This is so unique and yet very beautiful!

  6. such gorgeous photos! WHat a beautiful wedding, and the brides dress is stunning!

  7. That first shot with the boots is perfect.

  8. What a great idea! Very tastefully done, looks like!

  9. This idea is cute, simple, unique, and beautifully done!!!
    Definitely has that country or southern feel to it.
    Absolutely love it!!!

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