November 23, 2010

An Apple of a Day

beyonce in a cute dress.bmp

I see all kinds of talented bloggers making money from their blogs, but I've never really had any plans to turn Southern Belle Simple into a source of revenue. I don't have any ads and until recently, had never received anything free to review. I know there are very specific rules about this sort of thing, but you need not worry because I wouldn't tell you something was awesome if it wasn't. A few weeks ago, I received my first bit of blogger swag and I have to say, I felt a little like a celebrity.

The southern beau and I attended a local art gallery prowl and stopped in the new shop of a local purse designer who has received tons of national attention lately. I had heard of JulieApple Handbags and seen them online, but wasn't aware of the retail flagship store in my area.

After browsing the shop, I introduced myself as a local blogger (I usually do) and said that I had heard great things about the bags. The helpful staffer introduced me to Julie herself and the next thing I knew I had a free purse wrapped up in a bag and was out the door.

Fullscreen capture 11222010 124619 PM.bmp

This is something like the conversation that followed between me and the southern beau:

sb: Did she just give you a free purse?

me: Yes….ohmygosh she just gave me a free purse! FREE PURSE!

sb: and all because you told her you have a blog?

me (my head a bit inflated): Well, a southern blog that features southern folks and things available in the south (like her awesome purses!)

sb: Did she even ask for credentials? Like do you have a blogger ID card or something?

me: No, but why would anybody lie about that? I mean she could have pulled up the address. I guess this is what Beyoncé feels like all the time. sigh.

Anyway, I did get a free JulieApple bag. But I'm allowed to say whatever I want about it (I'm assuming she doesn't want it back?) I'm happy to report the bag is wonderful! The one I chose is not really a purse, but a laptop bag in cute leopard print. I guess when you have a really good product, you can feel confident that other people will feel the same and help spread the word. And it just so happens that there is a "friends and family sale" going on now that allows all of you to take 30% off your order. (I didn’t even know about the sale until a few days ago, but I thought it seemed perfect to combine it with my review!)


JulieApple bags are made with recycled canvas, sailcloth, wooden hardware and leather tabs. Down to the last detail, they are just precious. I love the little apple tab with the logo. The bags are unique in that you choose the style first and then select which fabric you'd like your bag to be. I have toted my laptop around in mine, receiving many compliments. Here are a few other lovely designs from the collection. First, in the Tote style…



Then there’s the adorable makeup case…these are only $36 before the discount!



So that’s the story of my first taste of celebrity…Just promise you’ll take me down a notch or two if I start demanding Fiji water everywhere I go and insist on sitting in the front of restaurants. I don’t propose going around and asking for free stuff everywhere, but in this case, it was a win-win. Now what are you waiting for? The sale is only through November 30th, so don’t miss it!