November 4, 2010

How do your clothes make you feel?


Last night I got into a discussion with one of my bffs about clothing choices…specifically how our clothing makes us feel and how we choose to wear certain things based on how we view our bodies. I had come home and changed out of my work clothes into some ratty old stretch pants and a huge t-shirt before heading to meet her for dinner. As I was walking towards my door, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and thought “what am I doing?” Here I was going to meet a friend for a great meal (and not at McDonald’s)…so why did I feel the need to look all slobbish? Of course there is a time and place for “comfortables” …but in that moment, it felt like I was just giving up. I have 2 closets full of clothes (some with tags still attached) and I often seem to find myself gravitating to the same faded pants and tops. It’s not about money. It’s not even about personal style. I feel like I am always “saving” some fabulous outfit for the next special event, but when that event comes, I don’t look so fab.

I think a lot of folks are in the same boat. Maybe we don’t have the energy to wear anything but sweats. Maybe we don’t feel we have anything worth dressing up for. Maybe we’re unsure about how to dress our bodies or think that since we don’t have our dream figures, what’s the point anyway? Right now I’m reading an interesting book that addresses some of this stuff. Body image, how to accentuate your positives, and tips on dressing for your shape. Another book that continually inspires me is here.

I found this gorgeous illustration by the talented Hennie Haworth (love her name so much!) and it made me stop and think. I definitely don’t mean to frill it up with a tutu (unless of course you prefer tutus!), but dress like you are something worth celebrating. Even if the occasion doesn’t feel all that special, who couldn’t use a little extra oomph? We might be very surprised at what happens!


I’m going to try it…wish me luck!