November 11, 2010

Get a little crafty: Crayon meltdown


I saw this project over at Edie’s blog and really wanted to try it. I’m not much of a crafter, but I enjoy little (read: easy) projects from time to time. I’ve decided if I could train my dog to do crafts, my life would be complete. Until then, I’ll have to settle for his encouraging looks…or maybe that’s his way of saying “peanut butter? yes, please!” You can buy lots of these crayon re-melts on Etsy, but I thought I’d attempt to make some of my own.


The mold is a Pampered Chef silicon muffin pan that I’ve only used once or twice. I broke a few crayons (this was hard for me!) and placed them in the wells. Then I popped them into a 250 degree oven for 20 minutes. They melted down nicely and after a couple of hours to cool them in the pan, slid right out.


The finished product! These are mixtures of a couple of colors from the red family (carnation & salmon pink; red-violet, magenta, and carnation pink; and red, magenta & fuschia). I think little fingers could hold them quite easily for coloring and it’s definitely something I would have squealed over as a little child. What do you think? Cute or eh?


When I tried them out in my Hello Kitty coloring book, the daisy shape worked the best…I think the roses are too thin. But it was a fun little craft and I already had the crayons so there was no money spent. Might this be a project you will try? Let us know what shapes you use!