July 8, 2010

You tell me!



I was chatting with one of my friends today and I happened to pose the question to her "what's the deal with the whole mustache trend?" She had somehow missed this mini-zeitgeist. Do the rest of you know what I'm talking about? I'm guessing you probably do and hoping that one of you lovelies can enlighten me (and my friend!).

mustache blog

Ok, for those of you like possibly my grandma who don't get the reference to which I am referring (Hi Me-me!), there is a current trend that has been big for awhile that involves people wearing faux mustaches...more specifically at weddings, in wedding photos. I suppose it is sort of cute for a whole group of people to do something silly and fun for a photo. But why the mustache? What about bunny ears? Why not clown noses? One summer I attempted to single-handedly bring back parasols and the phrase "pleased as punch." Maybe it's possible for me to apply the same effort to change this whole mustache trend. Maybe I'll start a trend where everyone puts clothespins on his/her noses in photos and acts like they smell something stinky. But that's just ridiculous, right?

100lc_rwlisageoff9 So why is wearing a mustache cool? I honestly don't know, but I hope somebody can explain it to me. Don’t worry Me-me, then I’ll explain it to you!

Call me old-fashioned, but the only way I will ever have a mustache in my wedding photos is if the Sally Hansen Crème Hair Remover was past its expiration date…Lord forbid!