July 15, 2010

Simply egg-cellent!


We all know that certain foods go in and out of fashion and it seems like the latest item du jour is the humble egg. Not that the egg needed any kind of help as it is pretty much the perfect food. Growing up southern, especially with grandparents who farmed meant having plenty of eggy goodness at almost every meal. I loved going with my cousin to gather the beautiful brown eggs that my granny would scramble up with cheese for my breakfast. I'm still quite partial to brown eggs, either from the grocery story or from my local farmers' market.


{a yummy salad via cooking light}

I read one article in a high society magazine about the recent trend of frou frou chefs "plopping runny, rich yolky eggs on everything." One dish noted was green beans (fresh of course), with onion and pancetta topped with a fried egg and parmesan cheese. I haven't tried this yet, but my curiosity is piqued. Also in the haute cuisine spotlight are deviled eggs (which my dad grew up calling "dressed eggs" much to the delight of my devout Freewill Baptist grandmother....apparently eating anything described as deviled was just too much for her!). Lately the devils have been paired with fancy seafood like shrimp, crab lobster and smoked salmon.


Eggs are the perfect go-to food when you don’t have much else in the fridge. Toss in a bunch of leftovers for a quick omelet, soak stale bread in a milk/egg mixture for easy French toast or boil them up to chop into a salad. Eggs add protein to your diet and contrary to what my brother thinks, the yolks are quite good for you and contain many nutrients in which some folks are often lacking. It’s ok Bubbie, I still love you.

chicken, me holding

{moi, age 3 or 4…holding a chicken…i told you i love eggs!}

So if you’re an egg fan like me, how do you like yours fixed? Scrambled with cheese a’ la my granny’s kitchen or some other fabulous way? Please share…I’m always looking for a new way to enjoy this little treat!