July 7, 2010

Only in the south: How much for the guitar?


Hitting up junk stores is one of my absolute favorite things to do...especially now that I can use the excuse that buying second hand is better for the environment! Of course it also means that I'm getting closer and closer to earning my very own episode of Hoarders, but it's still fun to sift through treasures on the cheap.

Last week, I felt very blessed to get to spend an afternoon with my grandparents which included a trip to a wonderful thrift store run by the Habitat for Humanity organization. This particular store was a treasure trove of wares and goodies, some I brought home with me and others...not so much.

Let me present you with one of the treasures I passed on.


Apparently, anything can be re-purposed into a floral arrangement. Including an old string-less guitar. All I can say is that only in the south would someone think to combine a musical instrument with some brown plastic fern fronds and say to himself "voila! now that's a work of art." If the crafty creator hadn’t used a hot glue gun to fashion his masterpiece, I think there might be a nice guitar under there. But now the world will never know.

I did manage to score some small ironstone plates that are really cute. When I went to pay (well my grandpa treated me), the shopkeeper was using one of the plates from my set as a penny receptacle and of course I asked if I could have that one too. I really have no shame. I hope I haven’t offended anyone if floral guitar-art…guitart is your kind of thing. We are each entitled to our own personal style. Thank goodness! But I do encourage you to check out your local second-hand shops because you just never know what treasures await you! And at least I’m hoarding for a good cause.

DSC00952{another floral creation…according the attached note, this piece was intended for a wedding shower or a porch…puzzling}