July 16, 2010

Mellow yellow & tasteful turquoise


While on a trip to the beach, I took this photo…no doubt getting some strange looks from folks wondering why on earth I would be standing on my tippy-toes and trying to snap pictures of the balcony of the hotel next door, then under renovation. What caught my eye was the beautiful color combination of the pale yellow with the light turquoise balcony railings. I knew I definitely wanted to remember that pairing and possibly use it in my home one day. I have since found a couple more gorgeous examples of this color combo that I wanted to share.


{according to a southern legend, blue porch ceilings ward off bad spirits…the only spirit this ceiling makes me think of is mine being lifted. Who wouldn’t want to sip a big ol’ iced tea on this lovely porch?}

yellow turquoise {be. still. my. heart. is this gorgeous or what? the only thing that usually gets me this excited is a cupcake}


5c3d8e7e53d6 {a little more subdued way to combine the 2 colors with stuff you already have}

I feel like I was pretty brave when choosing colors for my condo…I just had a certain idea in my head and went with it. My kitchen is kind of a terracotta orange, my living room is green and my bedroom is poppy red. Definitely color choices that aren’t everyone’s style, but it suits me. I’m not one of those “paint 30 different swatches of color on the wall before choosing the perfect one” type of decorators. But I can understand that if you are nervous about adding bold color, this could help make the process less daunting.

I recently found a really cool online painting tool provided by Lowe’s Valspar line of paint. It allows you to select different colors and add them to your palette. Then you can choose what style room you’d like to see the colors used in. I only played with it a little bit, but it seemed like a great thing.

Do you have a dream color combination that you’re wanting to use in your home? Maybe you should go for it. The worst thing that can happen is you hate it and have to repaint. Let us know if you’re tackling any re-do projects this weekend, especially if they involve painting!

Happy Weekend Folks!