July 30, 2010

le fete de l’imagination: delta burke


This has been an important week for birthdays in the way of special ladies, today being the queen belle herself, Delta Burke. From her childhood in Florida to her beauty pageant days and then as that vixen Suzanne Sugarbaker, Delta remains one of those strong southern women who keeps bouncing back no matter what life throws at her.

suzanne sugarbaker 1

I loved to see her sashay around on Designing Women…always dressed to the nines, make-up and hair impeccable. My favorite episodes were when her real-life husband Gerald McRaney made appearances. Their on-screen chemistry was so sweet to see.

grand ballroom

What about the Plaza Hotel’s Grand Ballroom for an elegantly opulent shindig? You’re all invited! I think Ms. Burke will like it…nothing less than the best for her!

Happy Birthday Delta! Hope it’s a truly wonderful one! And when are we going to be graced with your presence again on television? Your loyal fans miss you lady! Nobody else wears a crown quite like you!