July 2, 2010

Cute as a bug?

These last few days as I’ve walked down the sidewalk towards my office, the grassy bank nearby has been a buzz…with June bugs! There is something about June bugs (aka june beetles…genus Phyllophaga, subfamily Melolonthinae) that makes me feel like a kid again and even though we said goodbye to that lovely month of June (hard to believe!), these shiny green folks are still out and about.


Green is my absolute favorite color and June bugs have always held a special place in my heart. I thought it was kind of a sweet coincidence that in a recent issue of Southern Living, the phrase “cute as a June bug” was the southernism of the month. But imagine my surprise when I read on and the author of the article made the statement that “up close, [June bugs] are rather unattractive.” Oh SL, I usually agree with your edicts, but this time…I beg to differ! It won’t keep me from reading in the future, but on behalf of the June bug population…I feel a retraction is in order! If I say someone is "cute as a June bug," I mean it because I think June bugs are oh so cute. Offense duly noted Southern Living. Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!