July 29, 2010

Only in the south: servin’ up sweets


During one of my recent adventures with my adorable parents, we stopped in a little nearby town and ran across a cute old-fashioned soda shop. {just in case you were wondering, if it’s a fizzy liquid, I call it a ‘coke’…also a southern thing}. There was a glorious case of treats and I was torn between the chess squares and the fudge brownies. You know I’m not going to pass up homemade southern sweets!

When I finally decided on the brownie, the lady behind the counter took an awfully long time to ‘prepare’ it and I kept thinking "it’s just a brownie….what is taking so long?” This is what she presented me with: 


Only in the south is an already tooth-achingly sweet fudge brownie not complete without a huge scoop of ice cream and more hot fudge! Don’t worry, I shared! What’s your favorite sweet summer treat? Would you have gone with the chess squares? I gotta know!


  1. You just made me SO hungry! That's evil to post that at 4 PM on a Thursday afternoon. :)

  2. I'm with you--it's all Coke!

    And I would have had a hard time choosing between the two also! I LOVE chess squares, but I think if I had known I'd get ice cream AND fudge sauce, I would have gone with the brownie, too. But I'd have made someone else get the chess squares so I could try them! :)

  3. YUM! I usually always opt ice-cream (or something w/ an ice cream sidekick!).

  4. Gotta love the refrigerator pies in summer...and a nice cold slice of peanut butter pie with homemade whippin cream...wowzer!

  5. Yummy!! During the summer I LOVE ice cream.

  6. Wow this looks soooo yummy!! I'm getting a popsicle right away!

  7. Thanks for following my blog - that's so nice of you. I think my newfound favorite dessert is blueberry dump cake. I got the recipe off of a gal whose blog I just started following. Oh, do I count as a southerner now, I've lived in KY for the longest time I've lived anywhere at one time! Since 1988. I do love the south, and yes, it's all Coke - just ask my Dad whose roots are in KY.

  8. I would have gone with the Chess Squares. Love them! And, I use the word, "soda". I suppose that is some northern influence from my youth!

  9. Utterly mouth watering! I'm a choco-holic so I'd have definitely gone brownie all the way! Was it delish?

  10. the brownie was really good, but a tiny part of me certainly regretted not getting the chess square!

    ashley: why didn't i think of that? i'm taking you with me next time!

  11. this sounds yummy!

    Come by my blog later I'm leaving you an award!

  12. This brownie looks amazing! Yum! Thank you so much for your comment. I'll be following :)

  13. Thats looks so yummy!!! I am sad to say I dont know what a chess square is...

  14. @molly...stay tuned! i have a chess square post coming up soon!

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