July 29, 2010

Only in the south: servin’ up sweets


During one of my recent adventures with my adorable parents, we stopped in a little nearby town and ran across a cute old-fashioned soda shop. {just in case you were wondering, if it’s a fizzy liquid, I call it a ‘coke’…also a southern thing}. There was a glorious case of treats and I was torn between the chess squares and the fudge brownies. You know I’m not going to pass up homemade southern sweets!

When I finally decided on the brownie, the lady behind the counter took an awfully long time to ‘prepare’ it and I kept thinking "it’s just a brownie….what is taking so long?” This is what she presented me with: 


Only in the south is an already tooth-achingly sweet fudge brownie not complete without a huge scoop of ice cream and more hot fudge! Don’t worry, I shared! What’s your favorite sweet summer treat? Would you have gone with the chess squares? I gotta know!