July 20, 2010



{i am this excited when given a blog award!}

I’ve been doubly blessed to receive two awards recently and I’m so thrilled to pass them along to some other fabulous blogs I’ve found. First, let me take a moment to thank the lovely ladies who honored me with the awards.

That fabulous Girl with the Curlz and I bonded over our love of all things plates and paper! And besides that, curly haired girls must stick together! She gave me the Honest Scrap Award which I must admit, I’ve been coveting ever since I started my blog! There’s something about that little orange square and now I can say that I was the recipient of it!


I’m passing this award on to the following fantastic blogs! You really should check them out if you haven’t already!

1. Bea @ The Girly Tomboy

2. Bella Michelle @ Southern Somedays

3. Southern Champagne Wishes

4. Peachy Keen

5. Jules @ Chic & Pink

Next is an award from a wonderful new blog I’ve just begun following, Flip Flops & Pearls. Its author is a wonderful lady who believes in always giving people compliments…well I sure feel complimented by her since she’s given me the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award! Thanks so much for thinking of me!


I’m giving this award to these precious and sweet blogs…I advise you to make their acquaintance if you haven’t already!

1. Summer Wind

2. Molly @ Sugar & Spice

3. Southern Cinderella

4. Little Miss Can’t be Wrong @ How I met your Father

5. LeeLee @ DaisyLee

The requirements of each award is to list 10 things about myself, but I’m going to combine them so you don’t have to read 20 things. In no particular order…

DSC00910 1. I love anything with my name and/or initials on it

2. Pickles are one of my favorite foods and I eat them straight out of the jar without shame!

3. When I was little, I got my head stuck in my Me-me’s kitchen cabinet and had to be cut free with a saw

4. I just scored an amazing silver tea set at a rummage sale for $10

5. I brush my teeth with warm water

6. My tomato plants look pitiful and have no tomatoes on them…boo

7. I have always slept on a satin pillow

8. I have more than one best friend

9. I love pink wine and drink it like an old lady over ice!

10. I usually buy earrings from each city I visit so I’ll have a tiny something that makes me think of that particular trip. The coolest ones are from Rome.

Hope everybody is having a terrific Tuesday (Chews-day as I pronounce it…for which I am endlessly mocked!)