July 22, 2010


beachside '58

{my adorable aunt & uncle lounging on the beach c.1950s?}

This summer will be one of two in my life that I haven’t vacationed at a Florida beach…I’m not complaining, just feeling lucky that I’ve gotten to go so many times. This week on SBS has developed a theme of travel (didn’t plan that). Yesterday while getting my hair cut and chatting with my stylist, she said her family goes to a different place every year for vacation. My family has always gone to the same beach (and basically always stayed at the same hotel). It made me wonder which was more common….going to the same place or trying somewhere new each year.


Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you visit each year or are you more experimental when you travel, never visiting the same place more than once? I’m curious…what does vacation mean to you?


  1. we do both. we try to go someplace new every year and then we try to take a quick trip to destin as well. :)

  2. You are such a sweetheart! Thanks so much for your support!


    Eddie & Jaithan

  3. Well, I like the idea of going somewhere different but if we only have one trip it is going to be to the same old place! LOL I love IOP (Isle of Palms, SC and Charleston) and feel so rejuvinated and refreshed after time there. We also love returning year after year and knowing our way to our favorite haunts. I could walk the street of Charleston for the rest of my life and never grow tired of it. Though, now we live only an hour and half away so I am not sure how that will change our plans/visits. We have often used our longer weekends and/or spring breaks for the exploration trips! I guess I am just an old fuddy-duddy and like where I like! LOL

    BTW, thanks for the sweet words about my dear daughter..she is a blessing and I learn some much from HER! I will be lost in 3 weeks when she tries out those wings for the first time.

  4. Interesting thought!
    My family almost always goes to the tired and true places year in and year out and always stays in the same hotel. I guess we're just creatures of habit!

    My own vacations are more adventurous but only because I can count on traveling with my family to the comfortable and familiar spots and because my vacations are usually with friends who don't have the same attachments.

  5. Hmm, great question! Vacation basically means time off from work for me, and I don't have a special place I go (yet), so I guess I'm a bit experimental at this point. Right now I'm just really enjoying having a week off at home, catching up on everything I've wanted to do around the house =)

    --> Thank you for leaving me the sweetest comment on my blog, it melted my heart =x

  6. I do both, but I've gone to the Destin/Seaside/Watercolor area since I was a child, so the area feels like home. I love going back each year because I can relax and just enjoy the beach without feeling like I have to play tourist all the time.

    P.S. We will have to have a blogger meet-up!

  7. I'm a FL beach lover every single year. I also love Cancun, and stayed at the exact same place/same room a couple of years ago!

  8. Absolutely love that picture of your aunt and uncle!!! Way too cute!!


  9. I don't know, I really like staying at the same beach each year in a small beach town. I just like the familiarity of our home away from home.

  10. First and foremost..Nice to meet you! Your blog is divine : )

    Secondly...as much as l would like to explore different spots for vacation, I usually end up doing the same things. One because they are great deals, and two because I live in the desert, a trip to the beach is all I need : )

  11. Sullivan's Island!!! My husbands family's home is there and we spend as much time as possible there!!

    LOOOOOVE your blog!!! Im a new follower!

  12. I like going to different places most of the time, but there's something to be said for making vacation traditions in the same town year after year, too!

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