July 22, 2010


beachside '58

{my adorable aunt & uncle lounging on the beach c.1950s?}

This summer will be one of two in my life that I haven’t vacationed at a Florida beach…I’m not complaining, just feeling lucky that I’ve gotten to go so many times. This week on SBS has developed a theme of travel (didn’t plan that). Yesterday while getting my hair cut and chatting with my stylist, she said her family goes to a different place every year for vacation. My family has always gone to the same beach (and basically always stayed at the same hotel). It made me wonder which was more common….going to the same place or trying somewhere new each year.


Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you visit each year or are you more experimental when you travel, never visiting the same place more than once? I’m curious…what does vacation mean to you?