July 13, 2010

Strike while the ironstone is hot


I think I’ve alluded to my pack-rat tendencies here on SBS, especially in the area of tabletop goodies (aka dishes, linens, glassware, silver, etc.). My latest obsession is ironstone pottery. I guess I like it mostly because it’s old and every piece tells such a story. 

While tooling around a few local antique shops this weekend, I came across so much gorgeous ironstone, all of which I really wanted to bring home with me. Why it is that I feel the need to add one more thing to my vast list of collectible must-haves, I will never know. The problem is that when certain items become more desirable, they become less affordable as well. I'm not a total cheapskate, but I always think I can find a better deal at the proverbial 'next place.' So I mostly just window shopped and ended our shopping excursion empty-handed...ok I bought one thing, but no ironstone.

Then as we were heading back home, my mom spotted a Goodwill and wanted to stop. I swear to you, if there is a Goodwill within 75 miles of anywhere, she'll sniff it out. We left my dad sleeping in the car and started making our way around the store. In the far back corner I spotted a stack of dishes on the bottom shelf and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but 21 pieces of ironstone transferware!


All clearly marked Johnson Brothers in the pattern Staffordshire Bouquet, the set included 3 dinner plates, 9 bowls, several smaller plates and 2 cups. I was already willing to pay the asking price of $25, but since it was half-price day I brought all the little darlings home for $12.50.


I'm not trying to take my good fortune and rub it in anyone's face here, but I think this is just more evidence to support my claims that thrift store shopping can yield some wonderful treasures. I understand there might be certain qualms that people have about buying someone else's "old stuff," but don't blame me when you realize that you're missing out on some great goodies.