August 19, 2010

Tea or coffee?


I know that everyone isn’t a fan of antique silver, but I’ll be the first to admit that it makes this belle’s heart go pitter-pat. Such was the feeling that came over me recently at a church rummage sale when I spotted a 6-piece silver service. Everyone else was passing it right on by, possibly because of the tarnished state it was in. If there is anything I have learned from being raised by the queen thrifter, it’s how to distinguish good silver from not-so-good. I could tell from first inspection that I had found the goods.



The set includes a teapot, a coffee pot, a creamer, a sugar bowl, and another bowl I haven’t identified (lemon maybe?). Also a cute little napkin holder. I’ve been polishing for days and still haven’t quite finished all the pieces. But the ones I have done look gorgeous. Each item is marked Wm. Rogers with the name surrounded by an eagle and star. I researched this mark and found that it was used by the Rogers company between 1825 and 1841. The same mark was also applied by International Silver Company until at least 1939, so it’s hard to tell the exact age of the set. 



If antique silver feels too stuffy for your style, you can always repurpose it in new ways. I even kind of like leaving it tarnished sometimes for a different look. But I enjoy polishing so much, it never stays that way for very long in my house. Are you a lover of silver like yours truly or does something else give you something to write home about? I’ve already given full disclosure about my other obsession as well. Now, pray tell…what is yours?



  1. Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,

  2. Oh my goodness, girl! You found the find of finds!!!!! I love silver (new or old) and think you can never have enough!

  3. You always find the best things!!!! I am so down for a blogger meetup if I can make it to NYC I cant find a place to stay at all :/


  4. I LOVE antique silver! What incredible finds, you certainly have a sharp eye. I really love the look for that vanity set.

  5. Oh, I'm jealous! I have yet to find anything like this (of course, I'm not much of a rummage sale/thrift sale goer, so that could be half the problem...). Glad you got such a great find!!!

  6. You hit the mother load sista! Have you ever tried the method where you immerse the item in a sink or pan of hot water? It really does work and is pretty simple.

    Heat up an appropriately sized container of water and dissolve a large amount of table salt into the water. Use enough salt such that it takes at least a minute to dissolve in the hot water with constant stirring. Washing Soda (such as Arm and Hammer) works as well. Shape a liner for the container from aluminum foil and place the foil in the container of hot water. Place silver into the bath (inside of the foil) for several minutes. Tarnish should dissolve away. For stubborn spots, remove and clean with soap and a damp rag before reimmersing in the bath. This is a simple reaction between the aluminum metal and the silver sulfide (tarnish). The table salt acts as an electrolyte to allow the reaction to happen.

    I was also told by an antiques dealer never to use rubber gloves when you polish the silver because the rubber causes the silver to corrode. Weird, huh? Let us know if you find out what the other bowl is for.

  7. I really like the look of this set. I don't have any silver actually. I have been into collecting Fire King recently.

  8. Love, love, love silver ... your pieces are lovely!

    In the last few years I've been pulling more and more of my mother's silver out to display in our home.

    What do you use for polish?


  9. I <3 silver but I'm soooo lazy with cleaning it.

  10. Beautiful silver! I like to collect pottery, in particular, pitchers. Some of the pottery I like are Louisville, Robinson Ransbottom, Bybee, MA Hadley, and Tater Knob. Some of those are small places just in KY. Now to find the room to display all of them! Take care, from KY.

  11. Hey!! I am trying to send your swap info & somehow I don't have your email....shoot it to me please at
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    Thanks Sweetie!!


  12. Lucky you! You go girl. I would love to find something like this. I too collect pottery and china. But this is on my list of things I'd love to have one day...Enjoy! good for you!

  13. thank you miss leiah for your wonderful method of cleaning....i had heard of that, but never tried it. maybe i'll put it to the test. although i must confess that i love the act of polishing so makes me feel like a real accomplishment to start with something utterly dull and gross and end up with something beautiful.

    i swear by wright's silver polish. it comes with a small sponge, but i use an old washcloth (like a really fluffy one) rubbing a bit on at a time. i pretty much throw the wash cloth away after a couple of uses. i don't wear rubber gloves, but i do scratch my fingernails across a bar of soap first (same as popular gardening method). that helps to save some time scrubbing them later.

    sorry this comment is so long....maybe i should have done another post! ;) xoxo

  14. fab! i'm inspired to polish up the crate of loose silver flatware i bought for $1. love it!

  15. Love anything and everything silver as well. Great find you lucky gal. I don't like the polishing though and wish I had you as a neighbor!

  16. I love silver too! I used to have a nice silver tea set. Seeing this makes me want to get another one!


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