August 25, 2010

A horse of a different color


Today is the 71st anniversary of the nationwide release of one of my all-time favorite movies. I have loved The Wizard of Oz since the very first time I saw it way back when I was just a tiny tot. I’ll never forget being swept up in the ‘magic’ of cinema when Dorothy stepped out of her house into pure Technicolor fantasy land. I still get that feeling a little when I watch the movie.

I got a great book from the library called 100 Years of Oz and it has some fabulous images in it, pertaining to the whole franchise.

i'd turn back if i were you

wizard of oz album cover


dorothy w of oz


wizard of oz 2


My mom likes to tell the story about how she and her siblings would beg to skip church on the one Sunday night per year that the film was broadcast on television, and then stay up late watching it. I can’t imagine not being able to watch my favorite movies and shows anytime I please, but in a way this would make it much more special. It’s always interesting to revisit beloved childhood films and books to see how our adult selves process them. I’m a weepy-eyed mess by the time Dorothy is saying her good-byes…and Charlotte’s Web? Can’t even go there unless I have a huge value pack of kleenex.

Is this one of your childhood faves? If not, what movie did you love in childhood and continue to watch? Maybe you’ve shared it with your kiddos. Do share!