August 13, 2010

Gracious Hostess Winners

My most recent giveaway ended this past Sunday at midnight and it has taken me way too long to acknowledge the winner…or should I say winners? I was so impressed with the entries for this contest, y’all really pulled out all the stops with your best party hosting tips and ideas. From the delicious recipes shared to the “why didn’t I think of that? ideas,”  I will be much better prepared the next time I host a shindig, thanks to all of you! Since you lovelies put forth such an effort, I thought it my blogger duty to do the same, so I rounded up eight more copies of the book and will be giving it out to nine lucky folks!
Here are the winners, randomly (blindly) drawn out of a hat in no particular order:
Ashley Stubbs
Leigh Pearce Weddings
Hopefully the next time you winners play hostess, you’ll have a great little volume in your hands to assist you…although from your comments, it sounds like you are all set! Such an inspiration to me! Be sure to send me your contact info so I can get your prizes in the mail soon! And to those of you who didn’t win this one, keep playing because I have several giveaways coming up! And you never know when I just might hand prizes out to all those who comment!
Happy Friday!