August 16, 2010

Fair thee well!


Last week I mentioned that the county fair was in full swing in my hometown and this past Friday, I was able to attend! It was everything I had hoped for and then some! There is something so special about revisiting events that you enjoyed as a child and feeling transported back in time. Of course it helped to have my partner in crime, the southern beau, accompany me. Hope you don’t mind that this post is a little image heavy, but I wanted to share!


{the agriculture stuff is always my favorite part…i wish all these gorgeous cans were going in my cellar}



{prize winning ‘maters…i’m trying not to be jealous since my tomato plants have yielded nothing this year}



{blue ribbon tobacco crop}



{this fella is a champ!}



{such a sweet face…redheads hold a special place in my heart}



{not sure this little guy was too happy having his picture taken with me}



{last shot of the fair…until next year!}

What excitement did you fine folks discover this weekend?