August 24, 2010

Only in the south: Passin’ judgement


We are taught from an early age not to judge others…lest we bring judgement upon ourselves. Thank goodness the old adage didn’t say “thou shalt not judge thy neighbor’s biscuits!” or we’d be in a mess of trouble! We take our biscuits pretty seriously around these parts. It was oh so tough to see these ribbon winners at the fair and not get to sample the goods. By the way, I’ve shared both of my sweet great-grandmothers’ biscuits recipes on this blog, but still haven’t attempted to make either one. For shame!


Now don’t think that biscuits are the only baked good worthy of a prize! We’ll be happy to judge your coconut pies, apple stack cakes, and brownies around here too! Aren’t we so sweet! Just imagine if you were a certified cake judge! Is there such a thing? If there is a open position anywhere, sign me up! I already fancy myself an amateur cupcake taster.


{latest cupcakes that I graciously lent my tasting services for at Magpies…Spumoni! so delish}

apologies to my lovely readers for this carbohydrate-laden post…from here on out it’s going to be images of green veggies only until we wake up from our sugar comas…also, my computer is trying to tell me that ‘judgement’ should be spelled ‘judgment,’ but I promise you that the version with the ‘e’ is in my dictionary! It just looks better to me. xoxo