May 12, 2010

Biscuits make everything better!

just biscuits 

I'm not sure if there is any food in the world that combines the same amount of love, comfort and deliciousness as the biscuit.  When I think of the love that went into making all the biscuits I have eaten in my life, it brings tears to my eyes. In my opinion, the biscuit  is a magical thing that should be celebrated. Thankfully some important local movers and shakers are taking this into consideration and the biscuit is getting its due. Beginning at 5pm on June 4th and running through Saturday June 5th, the biscuit takes center stage at the first ever International Biscuit Festival on Market Square in Knoxville, TN.

The festival combines anything and everything biscuit including bake-offs, biscuit art, songs about biscuits and a biscuit beauty pageant (say that five times fast!). Rest assured that I will be there and I advise all of you to come out and see what's what! 

I guess this would be the time to make a confession. As a proud southerner who considers herself at least a decent cook, I have never actually made biscuits. I've watched my grandmother(s) make them many times, but since I've been an adult (eek!) living on my own, I have never tackled the task. Thankfully, I have both my maternal great-grandmothers' biscuit recipes (each is lovingly handwritten) and will be attempting them soon. I think each recipe was used at least once by different members of my family for 4-H demonstration competitions…and some even won with them! This doesn’t surprise me in the least because I enjoyed many a biscuit made by both of these special ladies.
Linnie Mae Biscuits
{Linnie Mae Hampton’s Biscuit Recipe}
Eugenia W. Biscuits
{Eugenia Maxwell Whiteaker’s Biscuit Recipe}
In case you aren’t a big biscuit fan, you should probably leave this blog immediately…No, no, I’m only kidding (sort of). Do you have an award-winning biscuit recipe of your own? Are any of you planning to attend the Festival? I hope to see you there! I can’t wait!