May 21, 2010

Preppy is as preppy does

popped collar

{Me and my #1 preppy icon…my sweet dad…both in our Polos, mine with collar popped. I’m also rocking a sweet side-ponytail}

Happy Friday to all you gorgeous friends! I hope all of you are well. I must say that this whole blog experience has been such an amazing one for me. There are so many cool bloggers out there and they've welcomed me into the circle just like one of the gang. I am humbled to say that I've been honored with another blog award. A huge thank you to Shannon at Webbisodes for choosing me for this award....Shannon, I'd like to hug your neck!

I have been given the Preppy Mafia Award. I’m not sure I consider myself a prepster, although I don't classify myself as a "girly girl" either and some of my most beloved folks say that I am, so anything is possible. Maybe Shannon saw me back in the day when my collar was always popped and my jeans tight-rolled. Hopefully she didn't have to witness my grunge/goth phase. Eww. Anyway....

the preppy mafia award{the award}

The rules: 

1. Copy and paste the above image onto your blog/website.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. Pass onto bloggers that you LOVE and let them know they've been given this award.

Welcome to the Preppy Mafia! Now for a few questions, you cannot refuse.
1. Who is your style icon(s)?

Betsey Johnson, Carrie Bradshaw (yes, I know she isn't a real person), Crystal Renn, Cindy P. (my momma...except for  when she sometimes wears socks and sandals)

2. What is your favorite Socialite lit book?

Bergdorf Blondes, also sTORI TELLING

3. Favorite party theme?

white trash bash (complete with Cap'n Crunch in a huge bowl and Slim Jims for everyone!)

4. Go to Halloween costume?

Always some variation of a person who would wear a leopard fur coat since I happened to have one on hand

5. Extravagance you cannot live without?

Not sure if this is what you mean, but I cannot live without real butter, dark chocolate and UN-sweet Iced Tea

6. Living person you admire?

Dana Perino (former White House Press Secretary)....she's just so darn eloquent and articulate all the time.
And of course all the wonderful friends and family in my life...awww

7. Greatest fear?

forgetting things that matter

8. Trait you deplore in yourself?

I try too hard to please some of the people all of the time

9. Which talent would you most like to have?

tight rope walking or tap dancing

10. Greatest Achievement?

pretty sure I haven't achieved it yet, but up until now I'm kinda proud of myself for working full-time while completing my Master's degree.
Also, knowing that I’ve tried to live my life in such a way that would make all the people who have loved me and are now passed away very proud.


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Congratulations ladies! Thanks for doing what you do!