May 7, 2010

Now everything is easy cause of you…

lindsay gross photo pink peony

The post that I had planned for today was a list of great gift ideas for Mother’s Day…but now it just doesn’t feel quite right. Our parents teach us so much, both about how we want to be and how we don’t. We learn from their actions, by their examples, and according to their attitudes. Our entire existences are shaped by them and the choices they make.

me and mom beach when i was little I cannot even begin to put into words how I feel about my mom. No gift could ever encompass it, no card could capture it, no special day could ever equate it. If you know her, this probably makes sense to you. She’s an amazing lady and there aren’t too many like her. I hope that all of you have someone special to celebrate on Sunday, whether it is your mom, adopted grandmother, great-aunt or whomever. If you are a mom, I hope your kiddos (big or small) celebrate you and make you feel oh so grand indeed. 

Please share anything you’d like about the lovely ladies in your life and how you plan on making them feel special this weekend!


{I know I said that no gift could express my feelings for my mom, but if I had an extra $53k just lying around, I would buy my mom this car. She’d be so cute driving around town in it…with the little hatch stuffed full of her latest Goodwill finds!}