May 25, 2010

la fete de l’imagination: Dixie Carter


Dear sweet readers….it’s time for another imaginary party and this time we are honoring the birthday of a very special lady. Ms. Dixie Carter, a southern belle through and through, passed away recently and I have a pretty good feeling she is celebrating this birthday in grand style. Upon her death, Julia Sugarbaker fans everywhere mourned the loss of a great actress who brought the character to life with wit, sass and that perfect ability to kiss your cheek and chew your hide out at the same time.

Dixie Carter always struck me as the type of person who appreciated finer things in life, but also simpler sensibilities. I picture her party as a morning drop-in event with friends coming and going as they please. Instead of setting a formal table, I see everyone congregating in the kitchen (isn’t that where we always end up at the best parties?).


We’ll catch up over coffee and homemade strawberry shortcakes. The guest of honor will keep us laughing till we cry as she tells stories of her life growing up southern, pledging a sorority in college, raising two daughters, becoming Julia Sugarbaker and marrying the man of her dreams Mr. Hal Holbrook. Every elegant woman needs a piece of nice gold jewelry so I’m giving her this dainty charm bracelet. A sturdy briefcase to keep all of her favorite books close by (she was a huge fan of Emily Dickinson and Tennessee Williams!) and a Cartier tank watch so she’s never late for an appointment. Also her very own blue suede shoes, seeing as how she spent some of her growing years in Memphis. Maybe, if we’re really lucky we can convince her to sing us a verse or two of one of her favorite songs.

Happy Birthday, Miss Dixie! I know you are surely singing now!

happy birthday dixie