August 17, 2010

i heart art: Danielle Duer


I recently stumbled across the work of a wonderful artist and was so mesmerized by her images that I decided I must share them. Danielle Duer is a painter living and working in Nashville, TN, but her work has garnered recognition all over the globe.  She says that her images are ‘manifestations of a romantic walk inside her own head.’ I am simply mad about her bold use of color as well as the whimsical depictions. Her works evoke a feeling of magic and wonder that capture the viewer and feed the imagination. 





{all images via…with permission from the artist}

If you are interested in making one of Danielle’s pieces your very own, contact her here. If you’d like to see more of this talented lady, you can also become a fan on facebook.


  1. Don't you just love it when you find an aritist that just gets you so deeply you can't stop thinking about it????

  2. What a truly talented person. I love her use of color.

  3. Wow, very talented! Not exactly my cup of tea but undeniably beautiful and what fabulously rich colors.

  4. I am trying to save up some money so that I can start investing into artwork that I love. It's so special to bring it home and get to enjoy it everyday...

  5. Thanks for sharing this, her paintings are really beautiful. Sad depressed people depicted in happy lively colors. So interesting!

    xo Linda

  6. My word, her pieces are gorgeous!! I just love it! All the color and the expressions on the ladies' faces. There's so much detail in every piece. I'm going back to look at them again!


  7. Honey you just made my day. Would you like to exchange links?

  8. This is so striking!! And I like it!! Just wanted to thank you so much for all of your sweet comments lately and to let you know just how much they truly mean to me :) You are so sweet and precious and I am so glad we are blog friends!! Have a blessed day xoxoxo

  9. What interesting faces. I have not heard of her before!


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