August 9, 2010

A Fair Time

ayla ferris wheel

The county fair is in full swing in my hometown right now, and since I haven’t been in many years, I’m hoping to attend this year. There is something magical about the fair, especially when you’re young. Cotton candy, all sorts of fried goodness, dust settling in your flip flops, stuffed animals you wouldn’t pay a dollar for in a store, but somehow they entreat you to pay ten times that for a chance to win one!


My favorite part of the fair is always the agriculture…walking through the animal exhibits, seeing the farmers’ prize tomatoes, squash and watermelons, bigger than life. I can’t help but think of Charlotte’s Web and the adventures had by the animals, especially Templeton when he ventures out at night after the fair has closed. Remember the cartoon version where he eats until his stomach is about to burst? A veritable smorgasbord indeed!

morgan-county-fair {via}

Are you planning a trip to your local fair or carnival? Which part are you most looking forward to?