August 20, 2010

sweet southern couple: At the fair

katelyn m shoot2

First of all, I guess I should apologize for the influx of fair-related posts in the last 2 weeks, but when I saw these images I just knew I had to share them. I had heard about a local couple having their engagement pictures taken at our county fair, but I had no idea how incredible the photos would turn out. The sweet bride-to-be is simply glowing and her groom looks pretty happy too. I love the retro feeling captured in these. So many engagement pictures are stuffy and formal, but not these! How could you not have a great time doing a shoot like this? I think they belong in a magazine!

katelyn m

{so sweet}

katelyn m shoot1

{i know what he’s thinking: she’s the prize!}

katelyn m shoot5

{what a perfect shot}


[All images by Daniel Sutton of Creative Push Photography]


  1. This is so so cute!! Love the colors in these photos too.

  2. Nice to see simple coming back into being fashionable. I'm also glad to see that it at least looks like the weather was nice at the fair. We just about melted at our county fair, and it has been hot hot hot at the Indiana State Fair (except for the one day I was there! Wooo!) Thanks for sharing some happy pictures!

  3. These are absolutely adorable! Don't you just love fun photos like these?

    Happy weekend my dear!!


  4. That is a great idea for engagement pictures!

  5. Very sweet and I love the cotton candy colours in the pictures. I wanna be a sweet couple like you two one day :)


  6. I love different things like this. The shots are really great and I like the retro coloring too.

  7. What a darling shoot. Love it!

  8. Hello, hello! I've miss you! Thanks for all of your great "letters" letting me know you missed me too! LOL!

    Glad to be back and can't wait to catch up!


  9. How cute! I've never been to a fair, but I think I'm missing out.


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