August 23, 2010

15 Days of Linen


I know everybody doesn’t adhere to the strict fashion rules we follow down in the sweet south. Some folks even go as far to say we’re ridiculous for putting such sartorial restrictions on ourselves, but it’s how I was raised, so there. The particular rule to which I’m referring maintains no linen after Labor Day. Linen is a lightweight fabric that signifies summer and since we like to think of Labor Day as summer’s unofficial end, it marks the end of wearing linen. Now I might bend a tiny bit and wear darker linen through the month of September, but not light linen and definitely not seersucker. I would say the only exceptions to this rule are if you live in Key West, but actually doesn’t everyone in Key West wear whatever he darn well pleases anyway? Seeing as it’s only 15 days until Labor Day, I have decided to wear all my linen as much as possible during now and then.

white shoes make your feet look fat

You might be thinking about the ‘other’ rule we follow in the south about not wearing white shoes after Labor Day. I happen to play the trump card that says white shoes make your feet look fat and prefer to avoid wearing them anytime of the year. Basically I can count on my feet to look slender as my ace in the hole…and just can’t risk the alternative. This is me. Please don’t take offense. But if you do wear white shoes after Labor Day, I will totally call you out. Even if not to your face.  So yeah…wearing linen and enjoying the next 15 days. What do the next 15 days hold for you my dears? Can’t wait to hear about it!