March 22, 2011

Mix & Match

peachtree bouquet

Yesterday I mentioned some of the goodies I discovered while junking & antiquing (antique-ing?) this weekend. One of them was this wonderful vintage Jr. League cookbook, published by the Dekalb County, GA chapter! A birthday gift from the southern beau to add to my collection. After hitting the highlights of Clinton’s historic antique shopping district, we were still mostly empty-handed. Then I remembered my bit of good fortune the last time I visited this little town: English ironstone a’ la Goodwill. Read about that adventure here if you missed it.


I don’t know what it is about this particular Goodwill location, but I think something magical might be afoot. I had barely made my way to the dish display when I spotted a stack of ironstone with my name on it. Ok, it didn’t really have my name on it, but you get the drift.


I grabbed up these plates and had them wrapped and paid for before the southern beau even knew what was what. For the bargain price of $8, I got about 18 pieces, including salad plates which I always seem to need (we eat more salad than bread at my house…at least that’s what I pretend).


Here is the mark on the back in case your interested. I like how all ironstone is different, but still goes together. I’ll use these new pieces with my current ones, even though they are a completely different design.

Do you like to mix and match when it comes to your dishes or do you prefer to keep things in the same pattern?