March 30, 2011

Burlap in the home


On a recent visit to a fabulous antique/everything store, I spotted this industrial cart repurposed as a sofa. I’m not sure it would be comfortable enough to function as your main couch, but what a great addition something like this would make. Talk about a conversation piece!

What interested me most was the burlap upholstery. Who’d have ever thought burlap would be at the peak of chic in the design world? I just don’t know how serviceable it really is for furniture. I guess there are different varieties, but what I’ve encountered is so scratchy and snags quite easily.


I made my bedroom curtains out of burlap, but they only have to hang there. If we were wallowing around on them all the time, I’m not sure they could withstand. My mom recovered the seats of her dining room chairs in a canvas fabric, giving a similar look as burlap but much softer and more practical.

I’m curious if you’ve had luck with burlap on furniture? Is there a certain type that works best? Do you wash it first or is that a no-no? I know some of you smart & crafty DIY folks can help me!