March 21, 2011

Traveling Adventures: Clinton, Tennessee


This past weekend the southern beau and I visited one of our favorite small towns to peruse the many antique stores and just get out and about to enjoy the sunshine. I thought I knew my way around this tiny hamlet and had pretty much seen all the highlights of it until we found ourselves heading down an unfamiliar street. I almost wrecked the car trying to take pictures of the lovely homes we passed. How did I miss this quaint street with such lovely southern homesteads?


I hope this doesn’t seem creepy, but I just love to drive around and look at houses. I guess I come by this honestly since it was (and still is) a favorite Sunday afternoon pastime of my parents. I love to see where people live and wonder about what their lives are like.


Especially when their homes as as elegant as these…and in such a tiny town too. I wonder who built them here so long ago and what these folks’ stories are.


Maybe someone of importance spent the night here? I guess I could do some research. Do you have any historical homes in your neck of the woods?


This one almost looks like it should be in Nantucket instead of Tennessee. Isn’t it fun to discover new things in our own backyards?

Sincerest thanks for all the kind birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day & weekend and you added to that for sure! Tune in tomorrow to see what goodies I scored on Saturday from my favorite shop…a real treasure trove! {hint: they might be dishes}