March 29, 2011

Buttercups on Parade


It’s no secret on this blog I’m a big fan of the humble buttercup. Some folks call them daffodils and others, jonquils. No matter what you call them, you must admit they are a lovely blossom. Most of the buttercups in my neck of the woods bloomed and wilted with all the rain we’ve had lately.


Then, this past weekend I attended a daffodil show with more varieties and specimens than I’ve ever seen in my life. Some were huge show-offs, some were teensy tiny, and some were old favorites.

My new favorite is the one with white outer petals with pale pink/peachy centers. Can’t you see those as bridal flowers? They were award winners.


This one’s for my Me-me because she said she’d rather have one perfect buttercup than a whole bouquet of roses. I’m with her.


You can’t really tell from this image, but this variety is so tiny. Each bloom is about the size of a quarter or smaller. I should have photographed something else in the shot so you could get an idea about scale. Did you know the daffodil is the national flower of Wales? Maybe Princess-to-be Kate will carry some in her bridal bouquet. I think she should.


This lovely grouping shows some of the different varieties. Which one is your favorite? I’m no Tennessee Williams, but I hope today’s post leaves you feeling “showered in jonquils” just like his heroine Amanda Wingfield did in The Glass Menagerie. Happy Tuesday friends!