March 31, 2011

Alice Comes to Stay

Last year at this time I was only getting my feet wet in the world of blogging and I feel so fortunate to still be part of this lovely and loving community. Today’s post is something of a flashback…I did an Alice post exactly 1 year ago today. If you were around way back then, you might remember some of these images.
When I wrote the previous post, I had just seen Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and had Lewis Carroll and his magic on the brain. Here’s a roundup of items that capture some of the whimsy of Wonderland.  
 alice collage
All these goods are now sold, but you’d be amazed what wonder awaits with a simple search for “Alice in Wonderland” on The wares are wonderful, but my  favorite Alice item is most definitely the Japanese NAPCO figurine my Me-me gave me recently. I always peeked at it through the glass of her curio cabinet while growing up and after a little persuading (and 29 years), she gave it to me!
alice figurine
Does Alice hold a special place in your heart?