March 7, 2011

SBS Bookshelf: Furniture City Feasts


This little gem is the newest addition to my collection of vintage southern Junior League cookbooks. I picked it up at an eclectic shop I visited with my super cool aunt and uncle. For the low price of $12, I consider this volume quite a find. My version (available here)  is from the first printing in 1974, but there is an updated version called Furniture City Feasts: Restored, which you can get here.

So far, my collection includes Jr. League Cookbooks from Tennessee (Memphis), Louisiana (Lafayette & Lake Charles) and North Carolina. Since I have limited shelf space, I only buy the ones that really speak to me. I knew this latest one was a must-have when I saw how it was divided into menus, including one for a debutante brunch complete with chicken salad and strawberry champagne punch. Every entry isn’t a winner (ham logs with raisin sauce?) but it’s all part of the fun!

Do you share my love of cookbooks and if so, what’s your favorite? It doesn’t have to be southern, but mine happen to be!