March 25, 2011

A Moment for Elizabeth Taylor


We lost a jewel this week with the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. From the first time I saw National Velvet I loved her, but my favorite of her pictures is a little more off the radar. Released in 1954, Elephant Walk is the story of wealthy colonial tea plantation owner John Wiley and his elegant wife Ruth. Set in Ceylon and filmed on location, there is intrigue, glamour, elegance and sadness. It’s everything that Elizabeth Taylor was so known for bringing to life on screen.


The film received lackluster reviews, but something about its visual elements make up for that in my mind. The setting is so vibrant, it almost acts as another character. Vivian Leigh was originally chosen to play the female lead and supposedly some of the long shots are of her. When Leigh’s mental illness became too much of an issue, Taylor stepped in to replace her.


I’m interested to hear if any of you have seen Elephant Walk and what you think of it. Elizabeth Taylor was a legend…they just don’t make movie stars like her anymore. She will be missed.