March 10, 2011

Anti-Recipe: Sweet Potato Hash Browns


You know that saying “the greatest thing since sliced bread?” In my world, you might as well say “the greatest thing since sweet potato French fries.” Sweet potato fries are one of my very favorite foods. Maybe it’s the combination of sweet and salty that does it for me. 

One night this week I decided to change things up a bit with my sweet taters and made them into hash browns. They weren’t as crispy as the regular white potato variety, but I got past the texture and embraced the deliciousness. Sadly, we slurped them down before I could snap a pic, but they looked something like this, minus the zucchini (now I want to try adding it).

{image via a fabulous blog you should definitely visit!}

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

2 average sized sweet potatoes, scrubbed and peeled

2 Tablespoons of cooking oil (or more if you like)

Grate the sweet potatoes on a box grater (or food processor). At this point I added some Trader Joe’s Everyday seasoning to the spuds. Heat the oil in a skillet over medium/high heat on the stovetop and add half the potato mixture. It’s up to you how long you cook them (5 minutes was about what I did). Repeat with remaining mixture (unless you have a huge skillet and can cook it all at once).

I later read that coating the potatoes in corn starch would help them brown up a bit more, but I was happy with my results. This particular dinner’s main dish was a baked egg casserole with fresh broccoli and cheddar cheese. We’re trying to eat healthier at the SBS household and breakfast for dinner is so easy.

Are you a sweet potato lover like me? If so, what’s your favorite way to fix ‘em?