September 13, 2010

A Steal of a Deal!

blue crystal earrings kt collection

I have blogged about my tendency to buy a signature pair of earrings as a souvenir on each trip that I take. My recent New York excursion was no exception as I scored a couple of wonderful finds (some chunky gold hoops and a dangly turquoise pair). One thing I returned home with regrets about was not buying a gorgeous silver ring I spotted at a street fair booth. Thankfully I grabbed the designer’s card and upon returning home, promptly contacted her.

KT Collection - Handmade Jewelry - Windows Internet Explorer 9132010 30906 PM.bmp

Designer Katie Thompson is a Virginia belle now living and working in New York City. Her designs are so lovely and she has graciously offered the readers of Southern Belle Simple a sweet treat! Use the code KTBELLE on any purchase from her site (through the month of September) and receive 25% off your total!

kt collection silver ring 

This is the fabulous sterling ring that I’m going to get! You can wear it facing either direction so it’s really like having two different rings! Plus it is totally adjustable and comfortable on your finger. Trust me, I stood in front of her booth for quite some time trying to talk myself into buying it! Now I can make it my own (minus 25% yay!).

 1AA77B52 {Two pals of Chuck Bass wearing KT’s creations in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl}

crescent moon earrings kt collection

 silver flower kt collection cutout earrings kt collection

brushed kt collection

Now everybody hop over to her site and get to ordering! Her prices are very reasonable and with the 25% discount, you just can’t lose! And I promise I won’t be mad if you want to copy me and order that lovely ring! There’s enough style to go around! Huge thanks to KT Collection for this generous offer!